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Story Plot

Like any other college kid just getting out of college, you have got to do what you have got to do. Such is the life of Sam and Sara, two recent college graduates that get a job as a janitor. What could go wrong, right? Does it not seem simple enough? 

Unfortunately... the building they work at is no ordinary building. It is in fact... CURSED! Our young heroes find this out too late. So the only question is....

Will you survive and make it to the exit? Or be forever damned?!

Only you will know the answer to that question...

In this exciting 2D platformer, you will play as Sam and/or Sara and you must guide them safely to the exit. However, remember that appearances can be deceiving, so some exits may not actually be exits.... While you try and figure that out, you must also avoid the angry spirits, who are trying to get you to join them! Run for your life as you manuever left and right and jump over wormholes and shadow balls. There is no turning back now...

KeyBoard Controls:

Controls in Elevator Mayhem are very simple.

Player 1 (Sara)
Left Arrow Key to move left 
Right Arrow Key to move right
L button to Jump

Player 2 (Sam)
A button key to move left 
D button key to move right
R button key to Jump


The object of the game is to make it to the correct exit while avoiding the obstacles. Each level will have their own additional set of obstacles to differentiate it from the last. The correct exit door will be glowing; this is where you need to make it alive to. 

Future of this Game

Elevator Mayhem is still a work-in-progress; that is, we intend to keep working on the game in the future. 


Dominic Mercado - Script

Gerardo De Leon - User Interface

Jamie Velez - Artist

StatusIn development
Authorsmercadod94, jvelez823, Gerardo De Leon
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


ElevatorMayhem_Data.zip 13 MB
ElevatorMayhem_PC_Data.zip 13 MB

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